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Updated: May 12, 2019

Everyone talks about search engine optimization and is literally crazy about it but it does not work overnight, in a vacuum. There are several parts of SEO that need to work in perfect synchronization with one another to become a powerful marketing strategy for your business.

All business owners these days know the importance of search engine optimization because online presence is a make or break deal for entrepreneurs. However, you cannot attempt to SEO until and unless you learn it and do it. You certainly have to do it but there is a lot that needs to be learnt before getting effective and positive outcomes.

However, let me pop your bubble of imagination here; if you think you can learn SEO in a matter of hours-you need to think again. You can actually go bonkers trying to figure out search engine optimization and it requires time and effort to achieve what you are looking forward to. You will certainly give up many times before you actually get it right but if you emphasis on learning everything that makes SEO work, then you can actually avail the best results.

Most important Features of SEO:

In order to get it right, there are some features or elements of SEO that need to be understood. Once you understand those, you are good to start your journey with search engine optimization.

Your Industry and Audience:

Before building a SEO strategy, you need to know and understand your industry and audience. What is your industry and who are the top competitors in it? A lot of research will be required as you will have to see how your competitors are dealing with their SEO and marketing strategies and how their websites are built. If you have the answers to these major queries, it will be easier for you to understand your SEO needs and will also aid you in building a strategy that is comprehensive and profitable for your business.


Keywords are the pioneers of search engine optimization. How does your audience even look up for you in the search engine; KEYWORDS! Thus, you need to research for keywords and understand what they are and how do they work. This will help you in understanding what your specific audience is looking for and how do they actually search for it. A little shift in keywords can be a deal maker or breaker for your SEO strategies so make sure that you do your best. Also, learn everything about keyword

research before you start it because it will help you understand the basics really well which are extremely crucial for being successful.


Your SEO is nothing without perfect analytics and reporting. If you are not getting accurate reports on the results you are achieving, how will you ever know what drawbacks are taking place in your business and what adjustments are required?

The reality is that many industries don’t need adjustments for months because they don’t change too often. However, there are a lot of industries that keep evolving and so the adjustment requirement is real too. This is why it is very crucial for you to understand your industry in depth so that your SEO strategies can perform effectively too. Thus, getting an accurate in-depth reporting is extremely vital for every business and for a successful SEO campaign too.

Mobile SEO:

Google’s mobile-first index is a huge element of focus for all businesses as it emphasizes on mobile websites. Don’t consider it as an exclusion of desktop. The focus lies on making your websites efficient enough that they work perfectly for desktop users and phone users too. Furthermore, you also need to emphasis on IOS and android too; the interface and user friendliness must be similar for both the software users. The mobile index is rapidly growing and the algorithms will shift massively in the coming times. Thus, focusing on mobile friendliness is very crucial. You definitely want your website to be indexed on mobile phones too as majority of people use their smartphones for researching any type of business on the go.

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO has a lot of elements in it; coding, site speed, Java Script, Schema Markup and canonicalization are all part of it. These terms play a very crucial role in your SEO because even if one of them goes out of their place; your entire plan can be messed up. Your website will suffer entirely if any of these elements is out of its place.

Make sure that implementation of SEO and technical SEO is done accurately elsewise things can get really bad. The effective is highly hindered if the implementation is not done properly. As a website gets larger, it also gets complicated and a tiny mistake in the implementation can really cost you a lot.


If you think that people don’t pay attention to content or don’t read through it; you are absolutely wrong and this can cost your business a lot. A perfect search engine optimization process is never successful until and unless the content is high in quality. If anyone tells you that things like sentence structure, grammatical mistakes and reading levels don’t really matter; know that they actually have no knowledge about SEO and how it works.

Good content has the power to go viral and you need to create such incredible content for your website that people read through it or watch through the video and pass it on to their friends too. Also, no one is able to get the content accurate from the very first time. The process takes time and you understand with time that exactly what kind of content is actually “good”.

Also, there is a lot that one needs to emphasis on, in order to get the content right. Emphasizing on keyword targeting, Meta optimization, optimized images, no typos and on-page optimizations along with no grammatical errors, is very crucial. Focusing on them is going to change your content into an excellent one and will boost your search engine optimization in a very proficient manner. Furthermore, don’t get disheartened if one piece of content could not make it to the top or it just turned out to be a flop. The engagement levels also vary and you need to keep trying to get the perfect piece out there, on your website.

Link Building:

Link building is an important part of the SEO strategy and even if you are tired of hearing the term “links”, you definitely know that there is literally NO success without them. Links are one of the most important ranking factors and with the passing days, the importance of “good” and “real” links is getting higher. Google does not entertain websites who have poor links or are more of a spam.

In order to build proper links, you need to make sure that they come from a good authority and are not spam at all. Don’t just blindly run after links; you need to focus on quality. Quality authority websites in your industry are the basic links you must look forward to.

You are certainly going to get a bad link now or then or once in a while and that is fine. It happens because the internet world is filled with spam. However, the dilemma turns huge when you keep entertaining spam links and do it over and over again, just for the

sake of building links. To be honest, it is not helping you at all and is actually harming your SEO efforts that you have made till this point.

Never go after just one kind of link and make sure that you bring a little variation in your profile too. There must be different types of links and a healthy connection between all of them. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to step totally poles apart from your niche while building links.


When you put all the above mentioned things in a sequence and plan everything out; you actually get an impressive SEO plan all set for yourself. However, you can lay down a perfect SEO plan for your website and your website idea can be extremely outstanding too but it won’t ever happen if you don’t take action.

Your plans never turn into reality on their own, do they? You need to work for them and taking action is the only way to gain success. It won’t come on its own. SEO is a time taking and effort demanding process and even if you learn all the basics, your knowledge and vision wont expand, until you practice everything that you have learned.

Once you put your website and SEO plan and strategies in action, make sure that you take everything in the right sequence. From your audience and industry research, to your keywords and your content and from your technical SEO to the mobile SEO; everything needs to be done in the right way.

Remember that your first trail is not supposed to be your winning situation. You are going to learn a lot in the process and you might fall several times before getting everything right. Just make sure that you get accurate analytics and reporting along the journey so that anything that needs to be amended is done on the right time, before it’s too late.

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