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How long until my website ranks with Google?

There’s no point of having a website if no ones know about it. Whether it’s for your business or personal cause, you must have your website visible to all.

So how do you do it? And how long does it take for your website to rank high on Google?

Although there’s no exact answer about how long does it actually take to rank on Google, depending on the popularity of your keyword or keyword volume and the competitiveness of your industry, the average time is about three to six months with SEO techniques.

And without proper SEO optimized website design, it will take longer than that. So let’s dig into our blog to find out all the effective and easy methods to rank on the top page of Google.

Getting a higher rank on Google depends on thousands of factors. Here, we are providing the common factors you must look out for to make it to the top page of Google.

Site-speed can improve your website design:

Your site-speed plays an important role to rank your page on Google. Google prefers a website where users visit the site again and again. And the key to make your audience happy and have them stay at your page longer is to increase the site-speed. A fast loading website provides excellent user experience (UX), and this satisfying UX leads to a higher conversion rate and huge traffic.

So to rank higher on Google, walk with the trend and speed-up your website page.

Here’re a few tips to scale-up the speed:

Ditch the heavy images on your page.

Avoid updating scripts.

Eliminate all unnecessary plugins.

For SEO optimized website design, crawling and indexing is a must:

One of the most sought out methods used to rank higher on Google is to make sure your website can be assessed by Googlebot. Googlebot is Google’s web crawling bot that relies on this software to fetch, or “crawl,” web pages. It’s also referred to as “spider”.

After crawling through the web, it adds all the documents to its index. So if someone types any phrase or word in the search box, it pulls all the related topic to that search term from its index.

Rank higher with eye-catching website design by choosing the right domain name:

Your domain name will represent your business online. So make sure your domain name announces your business name and purpose right away to your visitors.

As the domain name serves the SEO, the best practice is to include your targeted keywords in it. This approach will save you a lot of time and money while updating the domain name as it helps to avoid losing the present ranking on Google. Just use 301 redirect to forward your loyal visitors to your current website and keep your present Google ranking.

Use a sitemap to have a better SEO optimized website design:

Another popular method to be more visible on Google is to use a sitemap. It’s an XML document that is used to list each page on your website. Its purpose is to store documents on your web site's server to make it easy for the Googlebot or the spider to check for updates or additions easily as the documents are stored at one place.

There’s another popular method to directly notify the Google about your website’s presence. Just simply submit your website’s sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. It quickens the process of your website’s visibility to Google.

Using proper heading tags leads to improved web design:

The proper usage of heading tags is one of the crucial SEO components of web design. By properly using heading tags in your web design, you provide a clear image of what your business or website is about to your viewers.

Heading tags work as a context indicator or keywords to Google. Google or your targeted users use these tags to find you. So the chances of ranking high on Google depends highly on using proper heading tags.

It says you only have 3 seconds to catch the attention of users before they switch to other websites. So use these few tips to hook your visitors:

Keep it short and direct.

Use catchy headings.

Use bold and big characters.

Make it more visible by using color and contrast.

Bonus tip:

Link the tag to the categories of your web content.

For higher ranking and SEO optimized website design, add a blog section:

Having a blog section on your website gives you an opportunity to gain a higher ranking on Google. Search engine always looks for fresh content. So to achieve a higher ranking, keep your website fresh by adding new posts regularly. By maintaining regularity, you can increase audience engagement and provide your site with a good SEO advantage.

Here’re some advantages of adding a blog section on your website:

Increase the size of the website.

Increase the site authority over time.

Gain a higher number of pages with internal links.

Increase traffic to your website.

Quality content for higher Google ranking:

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to provide quality content to your viewers. Remember, you are not just adding a bunch of words in your website but providing value to your audience.

Even Google can sense poor quality content. And it can avoid adding it to its index. Here’re some tips on how to provide quality content:

Avoid spelling or grammatical errors.

Never post plagiarized or duplicated materials.

Add images or infographics.

Add bullet points and use big characters.

Use hyperlinks for a higher Google ranking and SEO optimized website design:

There’s no alternative to increase audience engagement and traffic than to share the URL to your website online. Get in the habit of sharing your website URL on Twitter, Facebook, and other major social networks, don’t even leave out blog directories like Technorati or Alltop.

The more links you share on social networks, the better the chances that Goole will eventually pick it up and you will get more visibility on Google. So always make sure to interlink pages within your website. This will lead your visitors to visit other websites, thus increasing the chances of a higher rank on Google.

Wrap up:

Making it to the top page of Google is not a piece of cake. So take up the grip, follow the above-mentioned pointers and build a website design that’s correctly SEO optimized so Google can discover your website within three months of its launch.

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